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SEO Natural Referencing

When creating a website, it is important to understand its natural referencing also called SEO .

It is thanks to a good referencing that your site will benefit from a visibility on the web by appearing in the search results . Without a good SEO your site will remain invisible in the eyes of your potential customers .

This is why we do a lot of SEO work for you.

First of all, we support you in the choice of your keywords , we help you choose the most relevant keywords for your referencing . Our web agency analyzes the competition and the search volumes of the various keywords then we select the keywords most suited to your objectives .

Once the keywords have been determined, we will integrate them in the various tags of your site, these tags (Title, H1, Meta ... ) are found in the HTML code of your website, they indicate to Google the important words to take into account in your SEO .

The natural referencing is a long process which requires a permanent implication and which requires to feed your site in content regularly .

We will inform you of your positioning and advise if necessary, in writing your content .

Digital Marketing: Paid SEO SEA

As indicated above, natural referencing is a long process, if you want to appear quickly in search results you can opt for paid referencing (SEA) .

The advantage of Google Ads campaigns is that they allow you to accelerate your visibility and generate traffic on your site .

These campaigns operate on a principle of keywords "purchased at auction" from Google to appear in "sponsored" links above the results of search .

We take care of setting up and managing your paid search campaigns , we write catchy ads , we define a relevant audience and choose the right auction strategy to your objectives and we monitor and optimize the performance of your campaigns throughout their delivery.

Social Networks: Publications and Advertising Campaigns

The referencing of a site depends on the keywords worked but also on the volume of traffic generated on the site .

To obtain a good positioning on Google it is essential that your site attracts many visitors.

There are many acquisition levers on which we can help and support you.

Depending on your needs, we can therefore manage your publications on your social networks in order to write posts which will aim to generate traffic on your site.

We also create advertising campaigns for you on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin ...). We select the most relevant audiences, we manage your budget and we write your ads.

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